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Law Firm-Client Communication

At the heart of our legal profession is timely, honest, clear communication between the lawyer and client. And important to achieving proper communication, is the willingness and ability to listen carefully to the client's issues, problems, goals, concerns. This is done often in stressful contexts, where clients are burdened with significant legal problems, and may not know where to turn, how to solve them, what is the next step. The client seeks guidance and direction from Counsel and Counsel is obligated to provide it in a timely way and outline client options and the pros and cons of pursuing one route or another. The law firm must act in the client's best interests in keeping with the lawyer-client fiduciary relationship. Timely, informative, clear information is important in that regard, not focused on what the client wants to hear, but focused on what the client should hear, to protect their best interests. *

  • Our blogs are intended for information only and are not a substitute for legal advice. Should you require legal advice , a lawyer should be consulted to advise on the specific circumstances of your case.

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