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We work closely with clients to provide exceptional legal services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look at the services we offer, and get in touch today with any questions.





Law Society of Ontario 

Ontario Criminal Lawyers Association

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Practice Areas 

​My focus over the years has been on Civil Litigation which can venture into a number of types of disputes. I listen carefully to the prospective client caller ,and if I can assist i will. If I can't, i try to refer the caller to at least two other Legal Service Providers, who    might be able to help. Our focus is the client's bests interests and providing value-laden representation. Examples of practice areas:

  •   Contract Disputes

  • Land/Property Disputes

  • Leasing/Landlord Tenant Disputes

  • Corporate Law Disputes

  • Negligence/Nuisance Disputes

  • Employment Disputes

  • Appeals                                 


Cases referred to on this website are for general information purposes only , and are not  legal advice. Should you need legal advice on your matter, a lawyer should be consulted to give advice ,on the specific circumstances of your case.

William Poulos

When you retain our office you are directly retaining me. I will be the one working on your file from beginning to end. I bring a strong work ethic to my files and am open to trying to achieve a creative resolution for the client or go to court if that is necessary to fight for my client’s rights/interests.

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Over 34 years Litigation experience

I have been in many levels of court and accordingly have experience in written and oral advocacy and in the skills necessary outside and inside a court room or administrative tribunal. 

Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Failure to close.

In the following case, a sale of land failed to close. The court found the buyer made a timely , valid requisition. The property was being used as a fourplex but the permitted use was a three unit apartment dwelling. The buyer’s $25,000 deposit was ordered to be returned.

2651171 Ontario Inc. v. Brey 2022 ONCA 148



Amending Pleadings

“I agree with the observation of William J. Poulos in his article Prejudice: Taking a Hard look at the Merits (1999), 22 C.P.C. (4th) 366 at p. 379, that when it comes to alleging actual prejudice in response to a motion to amend, the specific allegation of prejudice should be detailed in sufficient particularity in evidence to allow the opposing party to respond to the allegation and to allow the Court to take a hard look at the merits of the allegation. “


1588444 Ontario Ltd. V. State Farm and Casualty Company, 2017 ONCA 42 (Canlii), at para. 32


Ontario's Highest Court



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